CAHA Archive - System overview


Archive Search

The query to the CAHA Archive, at CAB (INTA-CSIC), is accessed by means of a web-based fill-in form which permits queries driven by object name or coordinates and radius, by observing date range or by instrument. The search can be filtered using more than one condition.

The system furthermore incorporates a built-in name resolver allowing queries by any of the names provided by the SIMBAD database.

The output format is in HTML, the number of results per page can be chosen by the user, and can be ordered by Observation date, Instrument or Telescope.

Result from Search

The system provides the following functionalities:

The system also implements a VO interface. A SIAP (Simple Image Access Protocol) service has been developed for the CAHA Archive. Through this service, a client searches for available images that match certain client-specified criteria using a HTTP GET request. The response is a table (in VOTable format) describing the available data, including metadata and access references (implemented as URLs) for retrieving them.

Advanced Data Products

Three different types of Advanced Data Products exist:

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